See what clients are saying about their Thrive Experience.

As a vegetarian for more than 20 years, I often wondered if I’ve had as much energy as I should, or if my eating habits had any negative long-term effects on my overall health. After meeting with Andrea, she carefully put together a set of recommendations that I could easily follow. Her approach was thoughtful, informed and non-judgemental, and her encouragement and support continued after our initial consultation. Andrea cares about improvements in her clients well being, and she’s a supportive partner in the process.
— Joelle
I recently had a lower back problem that was inhibiting my general mobility- and my ability to go on the tennis court. Andrea immediately pinpointed the problem, worked on it to relieve the pain, and then gave me exercises to remain pain-free. She was sensitive, yet firm in her admonition to take care of myself- just what I needed!
— Richard
My husband was having terrible bouts of discomfort with his stomach, and his doctor sugessted an elimination diet. After googling “elimination diet” the information was so overwhelming and difficult to understand so we contacted Andrea. She gave us clearly defined parameters, and helped us make sense of the whole process. My husband felt better almost immediately. And, after a long time of trying- we got pregnant! We couldn’t have been more excited.
— Betina
I was really looking forward to working with Andrea. I am a mom with two young kids and was feeling increasingly compromised in energy and health. Andrea was so patient with me. She really took the time to listen to me about the physical and emotional issues that I was struggling with so that she could properly provide guidance for me. Andrea is so easy to talk to and could really empathize with what I was going through. She helped me with an elimination diet, and checked in with me almost daily, sending me recipes and helping me figure out what supplements I should take to help support my system. The elimination diet really helped me identify what foods were causing me problems, and the supplements were so beneficial in helping me get my digestive tract back on track! It’s still a work in progress but having Andrea on my side supporting me has been comforting and encouraging. She’s a great detective and determined to find a solution! I can’t recommend her enough.
— Erin

After my doctor and nutritionist prescribed a long-term liquid diet for me, I asked Andrea to help me get creative with food options so I didn't lose too much weight or get bored. After talking with her about my overall health concerns, she explained about the different types of foods I could eat and how to best get the necessary vitamins and nutrients. Unlike others who might provide a by-the-numbers recommendation, Andrea spent time to create a personalized menu of options. She was very knowledgeable and eager to help. I especially appreciated that Andrea followed up- not only to see how I was doing but also to recommend alternatives and even give me recipes.

 - Andrew 


Thank you Andrea for helping me get my eating habits under control! I’ve learned so much about nutrition- how eating enough of the right foods can keep me from being hungry. I’ve spent so many years following a low fat and high carb diet, and Andrea taught me how to change that so I’m healthier, and I feel better.

I’m now cooking most of my meals at home. I am no longer buying ready made foods from the market. I’ve discovered that I enjoy making my own food, and my husband loves it too!
— Nancy
When I first met Andrea it was the best day I had in a long time. I’ve been an athlete most of my life and fell into a slump due to injuries. Andrea was able to assess my issues and set up a smart approach to get me to not just where I wanted to be, but where she envisioned me going. First step was to get me to shelf my ego and learn to crawl, walk then run. My range of motion has improved along with the balance of my body as a whole. The journey is not over, there is still a long way to go, but with a trainer with the technical smarts, patience, and motivational drive as Andrea, I know I will get there.
— Braima