Healthy Mother's Day Cooking on The Rhode Show!  As always, it is so fun cooking with The Rhode Show crew! Click here to learn how to give a healthy boost to everyday pancakes by making Chocolate Pumpkin Pancakes for Mom. 

4 Week Real Food Detox Program! I'm gonna be honest with you guys- I really am not a huge fan of detox programs. Why? Because they force you to survive a whole day powered only by a powdered shake or a juice, leaving you hungry, lethargic, frustrated, and unable to go out to restaurants with your friends and family. Plus, after returning to real food, the weight often comes back. So, this is why I am hosting a Real Food Detox Program. In 4 weeks, you will learn how to detoxify your body without using powders or shakes, or even feeling hungry! This detox uses the power of real food, keeps you full and satisfied while cleansing the body of excess weight and toxins. Plus, in a group setting, you will be supported by others going through the same process. I will provide meal plans, recipes and coaching services.

Back on The Rhode Show! So honored to be invited back to talk with The Rhode Show gang about healthy food and Real Food Detoxing. I made Andrea's and Eli's Detox Salad with Beets, Pomegranates, Sprouts and Chicken Breast. To watch the clip click here, and for the recipe click here.  

How Stress Affects Our Health: Defining, Preventing and Healing Adrenal Fatigue We all are stressed out. Busy families, busy jobs, busy lifestyle- all of this creates a cycle of stress. This stress negatively affects our health in a multitude of ways! In this lecture, Andrea Wool, a health coach specializing in nutrition and fitness, will discuss exactly how stress impacts our health and how it is related to Adrenal Fatigue. She will also provide tips for stress reduction and adrenal healing through nutrition, lifestyle and yoga.  Hosted by Ah Yoga in New Preston CT. 

Healthy Eating Seminar at the Jewish Community Day School Thanks to JCDS for inviting me to talk about how to make healthy meals and snacks for kids! 

The Rhode Show!  I was so honored to be asked to cook a special healthy eating segment on The Rhode Show! I made one of my favorite meals: Roast Chicken with Rutabaga Sweet Potato Mash and an Arugula Salad (pictured above). Click here to watch the segment. And go to my blog for the recipe I cooked on the show, along with my favorite recipe for Chicken Bone Broth!

Healthy Eating For Families: A 2 Part Seminar Answering the Age-Old Question- How Can I Cook Quick Healthy Meals My Whole Family Will Eat?  Session One: Focuses on what it means to "eat healthy" and the basic tenants of a well balanced diet. Session Two: Presents quick, budget friendly healthy snack and meal ideas that your family will love. Session One on September 3 2015 and Session Two on October 15, 2015, at the Jewish Community Center of RI. 

"How Stress Affects Our Health: Defining, Preventing, and Healing Adrenal Fatigue." Come learn about this pressing health issue on Saturday February 27th at 1 pm at Ah Yoga in New Preston, CT. Click here for more details.

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