Don't let fear dictate your decisions... Grab hold of your dreams and make them happen!


Fear of failure is a powerful driving force. It holds us back, keeping us from reaching the stars. 

I have always dreamed of running a mud run, but I never thought I was strong enough to finish it. Every time I thought about signing up, a little voice in my head spoke up- I'm not good enough, strong enough, fit enough, thin enough, cool enough - to even attempt a mud run. I was concerned that I would get there, surrounded by incredibly fit perfect people, and they would breeze by me on the course, leaving me to flounder by myself. So, I never even tried.

I have promised myself that this year I would be different. I am no longer going to let fear and insecurity be my driving force. I am going to be strong and face the things I am fearful of, and go out and grab the things I want. So, I put aside my fear, and, with my heart pounding, I booked the race. The night before, I came up with every silly excuse not to go through with it (the weather, my health, my lack of sleep, the kids, my messy house) but I just closed by eyes and imagined myself at the finish line, covered in mud, with my family cheering me on. 

Last week, I accomplished this goal. I ran the whole race- up hills, through the woods and muddy lakes up to my belly, carrying boulders, pulling tires and climbing over rope walls. I realized that I was stronger and more capable than I thought. And when I crossed that finish line, I couldn't believe I had ever doubted myself. I had run the race well, with a good finishing time, and had completed every obstacle. I felt exhilaration, euphoria and exhaustion all wrapped up into one.

So now I ask you- what do you dream of accomplishing? What's holding you back? Don't let fear and insecurity get in your way. Instead, embrace the fear and go for it! You'll surprise yourself. You are better than you think.